Explore Community Contents and EBooks for Self-Learning

This is an initiative of Total Digital School to make unstructured K12 contents available at internet to perspective students in the restructured way. STL belives internet particularly youtube is full of resources but not structured properly. We took teachers and students as volunteers and restructured those contents and mapped them to their respective boards like CBSE, CHSE, BSE etc subject and chapter wise. STL neither own these contents nor it has IP rights of these contents.

Total Community School (www.totalcommunityschool.in) is a premier online study destination platform created on top of STL Total platform using Community contents for K-12 education. At Total Community School, students can access online study tools and resources 24x7 to bring them up to speed with the syllabus and take them to the next level in their career. Find the best academic content to help you grasp concepts, get more marks and be a topper!.

Total Community School is one of its kind, which collect the best Video Lectures from YouTube and arrange everything in such a way that students can access easily with few clicks. This is a non-profitable initiative which helps students by providing free eBooks, sample papers, mock tests and also Free YouTube Videos.

Special Thanks to all the Teachers and Lectures those are helping students through YouTube and other website owners by providing Free Videos.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
Albert Einstein